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Monday, October 24, 2016

Reference Guide for Sitecore database

Sitecore Database
Sitecore Database

Sitecore database is one of the least explored area in Sitecore world. Even you will not get enough Sitecore database material on its official website. Knowledge of SQL server and its trick can make Sitecore developers life easy.

I started an articles series that covers all possible database operations that leads and architect have to do.

Here I combined all those tricks and mold into an eBook.

Below are the key topics that this eBook covers

  • It’s not all about items, it’s all about data
  • Sitecore Databases
  • Access items and field values from Database
  • Changing data from database
  • Sitecore Database Backup Script
  • Restore database script
  • Creating Sitecore database backup job
  • Sitecore SQL Server database Maintenance Plans
  • Cleanup Sitecore Database Tables
  • SQL server recommended configuration for hosting Sitecore website
  • Page for testing Sitecore Databases performance
  • Page for getting all Sitecore Databases connections

I tried my best to include all the cases that are associated with Sitecore Databases.

You can read and download this reference guide from here:

Please leave your comments or share this reference guide if it’s useful for you.

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