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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

My Sitecore Contributions for Year 2023

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so does the realm of Sitecore development, with each passing year bringing new challenges, advancements, and opportunities. As I reflect on the strides made in 2023, I am thrilled to share my journey and contributions within the Sitecore community. Over the past year, my dedication to pushing the boundaries, exploring innovative solutions, and collaborating with fellow developers has led to a series of meaningful contributions that have enriched the Sitecore ecosystem. In this article, I aim to highlight some of my most impactful endeavors, shedding light on the tools, insights, and experiences that have shaped my involvement and growth within the vibrant world of Sitecore.


Around 80,000+ Blog views in 2023

As a testament to my commitment in delivering impactful content that connects with audiences, I am honored to achieve a milestone of 1,050,000+ total views on my blog articles, with approximately 80,000 views amassed solely in the year 2023. Over the past decade, I have remained steadfast in maintaining, curating, and sharing valuable Sitecore-related insights on my blog. Notably, my journey began with my inaugural Sitecore blog post published on June 5, 2013.

Blog Analytics for 12 months
Blog Analytics for 12 months

SUG Pune : Emotion Recognition Model

Presented a webinar as a Speaker in SUG Pune forum and conducted session on - From dummies to pro Utilizing Sitecore Edge Powered Recommendations Enhanced by an Emotion Recognition Model


Published 26 blog articles

Published 26 blog articles for year 2023 on my blog site 


Total 24 recorded videos on My Sitecore YouTube channel

Recorded 24 videos on YouTube for this year on Sitecore available in on my YouTube channel.

  1. ChatGPT with Sitecore
  2. Sitecore Transfer : Your Last Minute Content Publish Option
  3. Sitecore Mindmap
  4. Simplest way to sort child items in Sitecore
  5. OData Services in Sitecore
  6. 12 Approaches for Content Migration in Sitecore
  7. Fastest and best way to upload images in Sitecore
  8. Webhooks in Sitecore 10.3
  9. Sitecore PowerShell scripts as a datasource
  10. Sitecore Content Hub as a Secondary CMS : An Overview
  11. How To: Embed Sitecore 10.3 form to external website page
  12. Sitecore with CSharp REPL
  13. Poster : 20 Years of Sitecore Journey
  14. Sitecore SXA module: SmartFill
  15. 8 ways to Find and Replace text in Sitecore
  16. Moving from Sitecore XP to Sitecore XM cloud
  17. Sitecore Technology Radar
  18. 5 ways to set Alt text for images in Sitecore
  19. Funny observations in Sitecore XM Cloud
  20. Sitecore Public Feed Migration
  21. A Comics : What is Sitecore DAM?
  22. Sitecore CDP Comics
  23. When NOT to use Headless CMS
  24. Sitecore Comics


SUG Bangalore - Sitecore Pipelines From dummies to pro

Speaker in SUG Bangalore and conducted session on - Sitecore Pipelines : From dummies to pro


Speaker in SUGCON India 2023 Conference

I was a speaker in SUGCON India 2023 Conference and conducted session on "Utilizing Sitecore Edge-Powered Recommendations Enhanced by an Emotion Recognition Model" . Here is Recap summary of my blog for this 2 days event 


Speaker in Sitecore User Group Pune

Presented webinar in Sitecore User Group Pune on topic - Sitecore Pipelines : From Dummies To Pro


Sitecore Public Feed Migration

Sitecore Director of Developer Relations - Jason St-Cyr mentioned my timely video for Nuget outage reference in LinkedIn post. Here is my YouTube video for the same


Sitecore Digital Asset Management Comics

Created a comics on Sitecore Digital Asset Management.



Speaker in SUG Bangalore Group

Delivered webinar in Sitecore User Group Bangalore on - 15 ways of Content Migration to Sitecore



Sitecore Technology Radar

Created Sitecore Technology Radar which can help organizations stay informed about these changes and make informed decisions about which technologies to adopt, trial, assess, or hold



Speaker in Sitecore User Group in Delhi NCR

Delivered a session on Sitecore Content Migration on 15 April at the Sitecore User Group in Delhi NCR


Sitecore CDP Comics

I created a comics on Sitecore CDP.


Poster for 20 Years of Sitecore Journey

Created a jumbo poster for showing the 20 years of Sitecore journey.


Sitecore Hackathon 2023 - SmartFill

I successfully created a Sitecore SXA module - SmartFill for the Sitecore Content and Experience Editor as a part of Sitecore Hackathon 2023.

 YouTube link - 

Blog article link - 


Sitecore Comics

Created Sitecore comics which explain Content management systems in an engaging and entertaining way


Sitecore Mindmap

I created a Sitecore Mindmap diagram for quick reference

Youtube link -