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Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to set text to a Password TextBox in ASP.NET

txtPassword.Attributes["value"] = "Password123";

Get the difference of month between two dates

static int monthDifference(DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate)

{       int monthsApart =
12 * (startDate.Year - endDate.Year) + startDate.Month - endDate.Month;
      return Math.Abs(monthsApart);


To solve apostrophe problem in where condition of SQL Statement

If ur query contain single apostrophe like this

SELECT * FROM Products WHERE ProductName = 'King's Jalepenos'

Then replace ur single apostrophe with two apostrophe like

SELECT * FROM Products WHERE ProductName ='King''s Jalepenos'

Better do it in C# coding as follows


str = "King''s Jalepenos";

str= str.Replace("'","''");

WinCV.exe - viewing the contents of any DOT NET namespace

WinCV.exe is a tool for viewing the contents of any DOT NET namespace. It is resides in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\Bin

Memory Management for ASP.NET & making space for C: drive

By Default ASP.Net store all the page requested at C:\Documents and Settings\SURENDRAS\ASPNET\Local Settings\Temp. So delete all the files within this folder for improving performance & for making space in C drive.

Create HTML Table in ASP.NET

Table one Table & say Run as a server control. Its Id is 


void FillIntangibleTable()


                 ArrayList arrList = null;

                 arrList = (ArrayList)LoadAllIntangibles();

                 foreach (object
item in arrList)


                       HtmlTableRow theRow = new HtmlTableRow();

                       HtmlTableCell []theCell = new

                       theCell[0] = new HtmlTableCell();

                       theCell[1] = new HtmlTableCell();

                       theCell[0].Width = "5%";

                       theCell[1].Width = "95%";

                       theCell[0].InnerHtml = " ";

                       theCell[1].InnerHtml = "<a
+ item.ToString() + "</a>";







ArrayList LoadAllIntangibles()


                 System.Collections.ArrayList obj = new







                 return obj;


Printting a file in .NET

Dim psiPrint As New System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo()
psiPrint.Verb = "print"
psiPrint.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
psiPrint.FileName = "C:\MyFile.pdf"
psiPrint.UseShellExecute = True

Select CASE Statement in SQL

SELECT (CASE chrSexo WHEN 'M' THEN 'Masculino'
         WHEN 'F' THEN 'Femenino'
) AS Sexo
FROM tblDatos

Redirecting User to Login Page After Session Timeouts

Refreshing any page after certain interval

refreshing any page after certain interval, you need to use client side script
only. You cant do this in server side, The reason being that the page has been
served to the client, end of request.  The web is stateless; until the user
comes back and initiates another request the server can't do anything. So we
need to do this refreshing activity from client side only. There are two ways to
achieve this,

1. Using Window.setTimeout method

2. Using Meta Tag - Refresh. 

Window.setTimeout method:

              DHTML Window object has a
method called "setTimeout" which  evaluates an expression after a specified
number of milliseconds has elapsed. With the help of this method, you can run
the client side script window.location.href="somepage" to redirect page in the
current window. SetTimeout accepts three parameters.


Required. Variant that
specifies the function pointer or string that indicates the code to be executed
when the specified interval has elapsed.


Required. Integer that
specifies the number of milliseconds.


Optional. String that
specifies one of the following values:


Language is JScript.


Language is VBScript.


Language is JavaScript.

             You need to call
this method in body load and start the timer( by calling setTimeout method).
This timer will elapse depending upon the second parameter for this method. When
it is elapsed, it will fire the script which is given as first parameter. So you
need to add this to the body element onload method. For adding client side event
to body tag in you need to follow this methos.

1. Declare the body tag in
html window as server control by specifing runat attribute and give an id to
that tag.

<body runat="server" id= "body">< /P>< /FONT>

2. In the code behind,
declare this element as htmlgenericcontrol like this.            

  Protected WithEvents body As

3. Finally add
the following code in your page_load event handler, this will add the client
side handler for body tag.


This method will
refresh the page to the specified location after 5 secs. The disadvantage of
this method is, this might not work in some lower end browsers. So you need to
go for other method i.e. by using Meta Tags.

Meta Tag - Refresh


Another way for refreshing the page after certain interval is by using meta tag
- Refresh. This tag specifies a delay in seconds before the browser
automatically reloads the document. Optionally, specifies an alternative URL to
load. Example


In ASP.NET, you
can add headers in code behind using this method.

Response.AppendHeader("Refresh", "10;

This method will
reload the current window after interval mentioned in the second parameter to
the page which is mentioned as URL to refresh. In this case page will be
refreshed after 10 seconds.

Redirecting User To Login Page after Session Timeouts.

Redirecting user
to login page after session timeout is similar to refreshing the page after
certain intervals method. Only thing which will differ is that calculating time
after which the page has to be redirected. Hence time can be calculated using
Session.timeout property which will give us session timeout value for that
session. Add some grace timings to that value and redirect the user to the login
page automatically.

Window.setTimeout method

"window.setTimeout(""window.location.href='login.aspx'""," & (Session.Timeout *
60 * 1000) + 10000 & ");")

Meta Tag - Refresh

Response.AppendHeader("Refresh", Convert.ToString((Session.Timeout * 60) + 10) &
"; URL=Login.aspx")

Both these methods will redirect the
user to login page  after session timeout + 10 seconds. This is how you can
redirect the user to login page after session timeout without user interaction.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Accessing Web site in IIS

Hi you won't be able to access your machine by using localhost. Localhost points to your local machines standard ip address of To access the webserver on your vista machine you will need to browse to the ip address or machine name of your vista machine. i.e. or http://vistamachinename/

Cannot publish the web site using Visual Studio (publish failed)

Display the output window. VS 2008 - View -> Output.

When you publish it will give you all the errors.

Songs for programming concepts

Local variable
Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan,
Iske siva Jana kaahan.

Global variable
Musafir hoon yaaron,
na ghar hai na thikana

The debugger
Jab koi baat bigad jaye
Jab koi mushkil pad jaye
Tum dena saath mera hamnawaz

Grid with line numbers


headertext="Row Number">


<span><%# Container.ItemIndex+1 %></span>




Datagrid Sort Example

MyDataGrid_Sort(Object sender, DataGridSortCommandEventArgs e) {

    SortField = (string)e.SortExpression;



DataView dv = new DataView(dt);

dv.Sort = SortField;

return dv;

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To get month name from datetime picker in VB.NET

dim str as string=MonthName(dtpAttendance_Date.Value.Month)

To get month name from datefield of a Table in SQL

SELECT DATENAME(month, getdate()) AS 'Month Name'

Command for Redirecting all the file of a folder in a reverse order of Datewise.

D:\> dir *.cs /B /O-D>C:\abc.txt

To Convert variable of one datatype to other in SQL.

@mybin1 binary(5), @mybin2 binary(5)
SET @mybin1 = 0xFF
SET @mybin2 = 0xA5
-- No CONVERT or CAST function is necessary because this example concatenates two binary strings.
SELECT @mybin1 + @mybin2
-- A CONVERT or CAST function is necessary because this example concatenates two binary strings plus a space.
SELECT CONVERT(varchar(5), @mybin1) + ' ' + CONVERT(varchar(5), @mybin2)
-- Here is the same conversion using CAST
SELECT CAST(@mybin1 AS varchar(5)) + ' ' + CAST(@mybin2 AS varchar(5))

New Line in Multiline TextBox in C#

TextBox1.Text ="RAM" + System.Environment.NewLine;

TextBox1.Text +="RAM" + System.Environment.NewLine;


TextBox1.Text ="RAM" + "\r\n";

TextBox1.Text +="RAM" + "\r\n";


Microsoft Agent in C#

AgentObjects.IAgentCtlCharacter Character;


sChar = @"C:\WINNT\msagent\chars\merlin.acs";

agtAgent.Characters.Load("merlin", sChar);

Character = agtAgent.Characters["merlin"];



which are yet to completed are "
, null);

Check selected value in CheckListBox in ASP.NET

(int counter = 0; counter < ChecklistBox1.Items.Count; Counter++)


    if (ChecklistBox1.Items[counter].Selected == true)


       //True part




       //false Part



To get exact no. of days in particular month of a year.

dim Noofday as integar=

To extract only time from the datetime field

SELECT Convert(VARCHAR(10),Getdate(), 108)

To get only date part from datetime field in sql stmt.

CAST(CONVERT(varchar(100), dbo.Attendance_Detail.Attendance_Date, 101) AS datetime) AS Attendance_Date

Enter data in subitem of particular item(i.e. rows) in Listview

Solution :->
listview1.Items[iRow-1].SubItems[2].Text =sCallDuration;
listview1.Items[iRow-1].SubItems[3].Text= sStatus;