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Sitecore JSS training

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Sitecore JSS Training Modules


Duration: 4 Days


MODULE 1 – Installation & Setup

Sitecore 10 Overview

What is Headless Architecture?

What is Sitecore JSS?

JSS Architecture - Sitecore 10

Sitecore Integration and Data Flow

Installing JSS

JSS Setup

JSS Basics

Understanding of Folder structure in JSS Sample App

Deploy to Sitecore

Disconnected Vs Connected Vs Integrated Vs Headless server-side rendering Vs  API-Only Mode

Auto Cleanup of JSS App



MODULE 2 – JSS App Development




Customize Device Layout for Datasource


Different type of templates in JSS – Component, Route, Parameterized, Inherited, Branch, Data

Experience Editor for JSS

JSS Tenants and websites


Sitecore Bucket and search custom filter settings

Adding Metadata in JSS App

Adding Favicon in JSS App

Changing App Port Number




MODULE 3 – Advance features implementation in JSS App


Multi language Support of JSS App

Content Localization




Sitecore Context in JSS

Customizing Layout API

Extending Context Data Returned by the Layout Service API

Site specific Layout Service Context Extension API

Customizing Rendering Contents Resolver API

Implementing 404 in JSS



MODULE 4 – GraphQL

What is GraphQL

Anatomy of a Query

GraphQL Cheat Sheet

Execute Sitecore GraphQL query using Postman and Sitecore Experience Graph Browser

Implementing Search using GraphQL

Firing queries in batches

Accessing items via item GraphQL

Accessing Reference Data using GraphQL

GraphQL via Connected approach

GraphQL via Integrated approach

Increasing GraphQL max capacity

Extended GraphQL API



MODULE 5 – Deployment

Deployment topology – Headless, Integrated, Sitecore & Netlify integration, UNIFORM

Deployment on Azure PaaS

Setup Headless SSR on Azure for JSS app

Deployment on Netify using Sitelify / Uniform


Customize HTML Caching in Sitecore JSS

CM and CD configuration in JSS perspective

Deployment architecture – Build and Release pipeline



MODULE 6 – Analytics

Sitecore Analytics

Tracking in JSS

Sitecore Goals - What, Why & How

Sitecore Campaign - What, Why & How

Path Analyzer

Personalization in JSS



MODULE 7 – Future Path

Sitecore Certification

What NEXT?



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