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Sitecore Basic and Intermediate Level Training

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Sitecore 10 Training Course


Duration: 5 Days

Day 1


MODULE 1 – Overview

What is CMS? Why do we need one?

What is Sitecore? and how did it evolve from CMS to Experience Platform

Sitecore Overview (Products, Community, Portals & Developer Trail Program)

Quick look at Sitecore client & Hello World Example with simple content update



MODULE 2 – Installation & Setup

Sitecore Installation on local machine

Sitecore simple architecture

Sitecore Installation - Places it affects

Sample page creation


Day 2


MODULE 3 – Data

Field Types

Templates - Types, Inheritance, Standard Values

Content Items – Structure

Presentation - Layouts, Sub layouts, Renderings, and Placeholders

Sitecore API*

Outputting Content on web pages

Exploring Experience Editor

Sample Components*



MODULE 4 – Configuration


Package Designer and Installation Wizard


Configurations and Config Patches

Multi-site implementation


Day 3


MODULE 5 – Securities and Customizations

Security – Roles, Users, Workflows

Serialization – Ways to do (Unicorn Implementation)


Search and Indexing using SOLR*

Visual Studio Solution Setup – Outside webroot

Pipelines and Processors*


Day 4


MODULE 6 – Helix, Tools & Best Practices

Basic understanding of Helix principles

Look at Habitat Demo site

Visual Studio Solution Setup in HELIX ways*

Project Lifecycle (Development, Testing, & Deployment)

Server Roles and scaling

Sitecore Best Practices


Day 5


MODULE 7 – Experience Marketing

Introduction to Experience Marketing

Experience Analytics

Experience Profile



Sitecore Goals - What, Why & How





MODULE 8 – Headless CMS

Understand SXA

Understand Headless CMS

Install SXA

Get to know about JSS

SXA RAD Features

Install JSS

SXA Website Structure – Setup and Configuration

Create JSS App

Understand Tenant and Site

Understand JSS Folder Structure

Create SXA Website

Create Component*

Page designs and partial designs

Deploy JSS App to Sitecore Instance

Toolbox and components

Experience Editor for JSS

Provide custom domain to SXA site

Layout Services

Creating Variant


Export Creative Exchange

Personalization to JSS App

Asset Optimizer

Experience Analytics details for JSS App


MODULE 9 – Sitecore Certification

Sitecore Certification – Everything you need to know.


MODULE 10 – Project - Develop Sitecore Website with Helix


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