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Monday, August 1, 2016

How to monitor and generate report of different server activities

You need to monitor servers of your hosting environment. 

Especially in production environment you want to monitor website hosted server, database server, SOLR server, manogoDB server or any other server.

You may need to generate and mail daily utilization reports of these servers to client or technical team.

So what are the ways to monitor your server activities?


OpManager is great tool to monitor activities of your servers. There are lots of features provided by OpManager tool.

One such feature is to generate different type of reports like Daily, monthly Server Memory Utilization report etc.

This article covers step to generate different reports from OpManager

·         Login to system where OpManager is installed
·         Double click shortcut icon “ManageEngine OpManager” from Desktop or get it from Start menu
·         This open http://localhost:9000/ webpage in browser. In our case Opmanager is running as local site on port number 9000
·         Login to site
·         Click on Reports located at bottom left side of webpage as marked in red rectangle in below image
·         Opmanager provides different default report as per industry needs
·         Choose one of the report category like "Health and Performance" link as marked in red rectangle in below image
·         Mostly we need to generate and share report with client such as Devices by CPU utilization, Devices by Memory utilization, Devices by Disk utilization etc.
·         Click on any one of the available report type such as "Device by CPU utilization" link as marked in red rectangle in below image

·         Click on “Edit Report” button
·         You can choose different option from Edit Report window such as devices category, period, time window etc. Choose below option for generating monthly report

·         Click on Show Report button.
·         You can Export generated report to PDF, excel etc.
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