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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

1 Dec 2020 - Special day - 0.5 million

1st Dec 2020 was special day for my personal blog website where Total Page views crossed 0.5 million count.

I started to note down my learning notes since I started my carrier. One fine day in May 2010, these notes converted into this blog site. Since then my technical journey is still continuing ...

Thanks for each and everyone. I hope you got it what you are looking for at this place. 

Any suggestion or improvements are most welcome!!!

Million Page Views count


Friday, June 12, 2020

Redirect Sitecore Azure App service website from HTTP to HTTPS

One of my client Sitecore website is running on Azure App service. As its running on HTTPS,so whenever users try to access website using HTTP protocol, then they get the error. So requirement is that how to redirect from to

  • Login to Azure Portal
  • Open your Sitecore Azure App Service. Its name should be "mysitecoredev93-111111-single" or similar to this.
  • Under Custom Domain, turn ON "HTTPS Only" mode.

Http to Https

Once it is done, now your should redirect to

I hope this quick tip help you in Sitecore Azure App service deployment.