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Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to check your new or modification PAN request status online

I personally feel that most of the life related work should done online. Why to visit difference government and private offices, why to meet them personally, why to call them. For a common man it’s always a difficult to go to government office and do their tasks. Government people are always showing that they are busy even they don’t have no work. Common man is always frustrated with government offices and their babus. So I always prefer to do it online.

So here I am sharing my personal experience to do changes in PAN card and how to track the request online.

If you had applied for PAN card changes like name, DOB, signature, photo etc. then you can submit your request at Karvy. You have to fill a form and attached old PAN card copy, ID proof, address proof. Submit this form along with 105 Rs. In return they will provide a receipt which has acknowledgement number. From that acknowledgement track your request status from below link

Either enter Acknowledgement number or your personal detail. Click on SUBMIT button as shown in below image and you can get the status which should be either in process or completed.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tip for how to check your Aadhaar- Gas linkage Status

To get subsidy on LPG gas cylinder. You need to link your Aadhar Card number with gas agency and bank.

If you had applied your Aadhar card linkage request at Bharat Gas and Bank then you can check the status at below link

Enter your Aadhar card or cell number and click on Proceed button. Check the status on the status screen as shown below

Please leave your comments or share this tip if it’s useful for you.

Tip for how and where to check status of any modification request of Aadhar Card

If you have applied for any information update request in Aadhar card like Name, mobile number, address, date of birth, email then you can check update status at below link

You have to enter your Aadhar number and URN and on click of Get Status button you can check the status.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to access or connect internet from laptop to mobile

I was just looking a way to share my laptop internet with my android mobile or more specifically I was trying to make my laptop into wifi hotspot.

First I tried to create ad hoc network from control panel but somehow that didn't worked.

Then I thought to take help of some third party utilities to make wifi hotspot.

I googled and tried Connectify but somehow it didn’t worked for me and second thing its paid.

I again googled for some free tool and come up with mHotspot.

I installed it. Filled some basic information into the window and it started to work on my laptop.

The most important think I liked about this tool is its completely free, small size and simple UI.

You can connect any internet connection to your laptop like USB dongle, wifi or wired cable and this app make your laptop into WIFI Hotspot.

Here is a link to download mHotspot.

Once your laptop become WIFI hotspot, turn your mobile wifi ON and connect to laptop hotspot.

If you are unable to access internet even after connecting to Hotspot, here is way to fix the problem.

Huuurrrryyy, now my mobile start to use internet through my laptop.

Thanks mHotspot.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Form 28 / Form no. 28 / No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Recently I want NOC from RTO for moving my vehicle. For that one need form 28. If it’s a state wise transfer then you need 3 copies of Form 28 for inter-state, we require 4 copies.

RTO in India is the perfect example of mismanagement. RTO Employees are worst and local agents are best. But I tried to get NOC from my own.

First problem I faced to get form 28. RTO office has form 28 copies but all are in Marathi. If you demand for English one then RTO employees show you the route of Xerox shop where shop guys selling it in 4 Rs.

You can even download form 28 from RTO website, but the worst thing is that it’s a 3 page PDF while actual form is only 2 pages which should be printed on both side of paper.

Here is scanned copy of form 28 that I got from Xerox guy.  Download it free and take a print. That’s it. No need to pay 4 Rs. to those greedy people.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Asa Kyo

This is my second poem 'Asa Kyo'

Kyo tere bare me mai din bhr sochta hu,
Kyo tere liye mai din-raat aanhe bhrta hu,
Kyo tere liye mai din rat bin pani machli sa tdpta hu,
Kyo tujh pe duniya ka sara pyar lutane ko jee chahta hai,
Kyo hr pl ek teri hi kmi mhsus hoti hai,
Kyo tujhe pa lene ke bavjud tujhe khone ka dr lga rhta hai,
Kyo ye mera dil ek tera hi hona chahta hai,
Kyo subh se sham, sham se subh ek tera hi dil pe phra rhta hai,
Kyo ek tere sath hi jeene ki dil mera dua mangta hai,
Kyo ye mera mn ek tere liye hi bekrara rhta hai,
Mai na janu ye kya hai, ye kyo hai,
Agar pyar yhi hai , to mujhe ye hua hai, tujh se, Anu se,
Or tu hi mera pyar hai, tu hi mera pyar hai.


I started to write a poem ( Kavita ) for my dear one.
Let me know about my first attempt to write a poem in Hindi. Your suggestions are welcome for motivation.

Registan Ki tpti dhoop me thndi chanv ka ahsas si lgti tum,
Bhtke smndr me kinara lgane vali kshti si lgti tum,
Ucche aasman me timtimate tare si lgti tum,
Badlo se brse pani ki phli fuhar si lgti tum,
Gulista ke ghne drkhto ki hriyali si lgti tum,
Thnd me grmi ka ahsas si lgti tum,
Andhere me ummid ki roshni ka ahsas si lgti tum,
Chmn ke phulo ki tbssum si lgti tum,
Driya ke bhte pani ki kl-kl ki aavaj si lgti tum,
Pahado pe Uncche jhrno ke trnnum si lgti tum,
Mujhe mere hi hone ka ahsas si krati tum,

Mere khud ka 'Anu' ke ho jane ki khvaish puri si krati tum.

My Shayaris - II

1.    Koi h jisko hum yaad karte hai ...
koi hai jisse milne ki rb se fryad krte hai..
jld vo mil jaye to jindgee svr jaye,
uske bina ek ek pl jeena mushkil hai

2.    koi mere mhboob ko mere naam ka chirag la de,
koi mere mhboob ko mere naam ka chirag la de,
ki mai uski yaado ka gulam bn chuka hu

3.    Bandhan rishtoo ka nhi..ahsas ka hota h
Jaha ahsas hota h vhi pyar hota h

4.    tere pyar me mera koi thikana nhi rha hai,
pta koi puchta hai to hm teri gliyan btate hai

5.    Aaine ki jrurt nhi hai mujhe,
Aaine ki jrurt nhi hai mujhe,
hmare liye to hmare dilbr ki aakhen hi kafi hai.

6.    tu mere baichen dil ka sukun hai,
tu mere baichen dil ki aarzoo hai,
tere bina na mera koi mukkml jahan,
jeene ki mere sirf tu hi jrrut hai

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

15 Apr 2014 6:00 PM | Magical number 10,000

15 Apr 2014 6:00 PM is remarkable day for my blog as it crossed magical number 10,000+ visitors with 150+ technical articles.

Hope it will grow to 1,00,000+ in near future.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Watched ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' based on true story of Indian athlete Milkha Singh well known as 'The Flying Sikh' on 14-July-2013. Whattttt a movie.  

My rating - 5 out of 5.

It has everything that viewer want - love, emotions, jokes, fighting, army, patriotism, desi village life style, foreign land, achievements, etc.

It reminds me school days in my village where I used to carry Takhti (wooden square on which one can write), Dwat(Ink that one have to prepare from raw material), Kalam (Pen that you have to create from one plant), murga (school punishment),  Kurta Pazama (thats my school dress), farms and fields near to my school,  desert area around of my village, water canals near to village, all deshi people of hariyana, army base and camps.

Worth to see!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Income Tax In India

Most of the engineers don’t understand the financial terms. Every year they have to face income tax, deductions and investment related problems.

Here is link to which simply explain the basic terms of income tax

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Daily Yoga Chart

I was involved with different kind of exercise - heavy weight, Cardio, running, jogging, Karate, cycling, dance etc.

Now I am doing YOGA from DEC 2012. It’s my personal experience that YOGA is the best among all the exercises.

Here you can find daily YOGA Chart for reference.

It covers daily Aaasans, Pranayam, Dhayan.

Aasans - It includes different body parts exercise which makes body flexible and healthy
Pranayama - It includes different breathing exercises
Dhayan - It includes Meditation which improve mind peace

If you want more details about any Aasans, Pranayama or Dhayan, please leave comments here.

Please share with your friends and leave your valuable feedback.