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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sitecore database lesson 10 - How to test Sitecore Databases performance

Sitecore provides a handy test aspx page to check your database performance. You can download it from here.

You have to unzip it and copy-paste “databasetest.aspx” page in “Website” folder.

Access this page from browser like http://sitecorelessons/databasetest.aspx where sitecorelessons is the name of Sitecore instance.

This page provides 

  • SQL Server information which includes ProductVersion, FileVersion, WindowsVersion, ProcessorCount and PhysicalMemory.
  • Perform action on items 10,000 times and provide useful information like Action name, Min Time, Max Time, Average Time and Boundary Average Time for selected database.
  • Provides index information and allow to rebuild indexes.
Here is screenshot of this page output

Sitecore Database Performance Tool
Sitecore Database Performance Tool

I hope you like this Sitecore database lesson. Stay tune for more Sitecore database related articles. 

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