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Sunday, August 13, 2017

How to render Brightcove video programmatically using sitecore item

Brightcove and Sitecore using CSharp
Brightcove and Sitecore using CSharp

It’s very easy to render Brightcove video through HTML as

<iframe src="//" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen></iframe>

But do you know how to render it through programmatically?

Let’s suppose you are getting video item id and player id through Sitecore in your MVC view as

var playerHtml = string.Empty;
    playerHtml = HelperClass.Instance().GetVideoPlayerMarkup(Model.VideoItemGuidId, Model.PlayerGuidId, 170, 300);
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

This view calling GetVideoPlayerMarkup() method which accept 4 parameters – video item id, player item id, video player’s height and width.

You need to include below namespace for using this method

using Sitecore.MediaFramework.Pipelines.MediaGenerateMarkup;
using Sitecore.MediaFramework.Players;

Here is a C# code for this method as

public virtual string GetVideoPlayerMarkup(ID videoItemId, ID playerItemId, int height, int width)
    var playerHtml = string.Empty;
    PlayerProperties playerProperties = new PlayerProperties()
        ItemId = videoItemId,
        PlayerId = playerItemId,
        Height = height,
        Width = width
    MediaGenerateMarkupArgs args = new MediaGenerateMarkupArgs()
        MarkupType = MarkupType.Html,
        Properties = playerProperties
    if (!args.Aborted)
        playerHtml = args.Result.Html;
    return playerHtml;

That’s it. Now when you render this view you will get the Brightcove video on the browser.

I hope you like this Sitecore-Brightcove integration through code. Stay tuned for more Sitecore related articles.

Till that happy Sitecoring :)

Please leave your comments or share this code if it’s useful for you.

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