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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sitecore bug: Clone item with language fallback

I have checked this in Sitecore 8.1 and 8.2. Sitecore support team accepted it as a bug.

Here is the bug details:

If you have any item with language fallback and now if you create a clone of this item then you will not get language fallback on clone item. Instead of that you will get language version on clone item.

Here are steps to reproduce it
  • Let’s suppose you have 3 languages – English, French and German.
  • Both French and German languages are fallback to English.
  • Create an item where French is fallback to English and German have 2 versions as

Original Item with language fallback
Original Item with language fallback
  • Now create a clone of this item as
Clone item with language versions
  • As you can notice from image, French is not fallback to English on cloned item, instead an actual French version of the item is created.
  • Also we have 2 versions of German in original item but in clone item, only a single German version is created. This single version of cloned German is pointing to latest version of Original German item i.e. version 2.
  • You can verify this from “Create from” label and “Advanced/Source” field as highlighted in above image. As per Sitecore this “Single German Version” is expected behavior but French fallback Vs its version is a bug.
Sitecore had provided a patch for this bug for one of our project in Sitecore 8.1. But when I tested it in Sitecore 8.2, I am able to reproduce this.

Those who have multi lingual site, clone and fallback items should check this in their environment.

Please leave your comments or share this bug details if you care for any related Sitecore project.

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