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Monday, July 10, 2017

Fix : 'Lucene.Net.Index.MergePolicy.MergeException' occurred in Lucene.Net.dll

If you are using Lucene search in your Sitecore project, you may receive Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger window which ask you for debugging.

When you debug you may encountered that there is an exception 'Lucene.Net.Index.MergePolicy.MergeException' in Lucene.Net.dll.

What does 'Lucene.Net.Index.MergePolicy.MergeException' mean?

This issue is related with your current Sitecore indexing and current indexes are not in well format. This typically happen when you copy full website from one developer machine to another. Indexes on new developer machine will not be in sync with its Sitecore instance.

How to fix it?

Simply delete all directories and files from "Data\indexes" folder and regenerate indexes from Sitecore Control Panel. 

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