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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Setup guide for Umbraco

Setup guide for Umbraco
       Create one empty database in SQL server.
·         Create folder “D:\Dev”
·         Copy “” into “D:\Dev” and Unzip all files of “”.
·         Cut and paste all files and folder of “D:\Dev \UmbracoCms.4.11.1” into “D:\Dev” and delete “” and “UmbracoCms.4.11.1” folder.
·         Give full permission to “Authenticated Users”, “Self account” and “IIS_IUSRS

·         Go to IIS and Right click on site and click on “Add Web Site…

·         Specify Site name, physical path and host name as below

·         Open “hosts” file from “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” and add entry at last as
<IP Address> <Host name>
·         Browse website from IIS

·         On Welcome screen click on “Lets Get Started” button
·         On license screen click on “Accept and Continue
·         On “Database configuration” screen fill the database info for empty created database

·         On next Umbraco install database and click “Continue”
·         On “Create User” screen, create new user as

·         On “Starter kits” screen select last kit “No Thanks”.

·         On “Install a Skin” screen, select skin.
·         On next screen,  click on “Setup your new Site

You can change DB and other installation steps from these URLs

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