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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Checklist for Outing / Trip / Picnic

1.    Decide place and date
2.    Inform all friends who are interested
3.    Collect money
4.    Take permissions of all the places from authorities
5.    Book Vehicle – bus
6.    Make arrangement for food
7.    Collect personal info of all members – Name, Contact number, Address, email id, emergency contact number
8.    Get vehicle details and driver info with contact number
9.    Get route map from source to destination
10. Always wear comfortable dress – Avoid jeans and tight clothes
11.  Sport Shoes – recommended
12. Avoid high heels sandal, loose chappals
13. Extra pair of dresses, chappals
14. Packed snacks - dry fruits, chiwda, farsan, biscuits, fruit cakes
15. Paper plates
16. Water bottle – **** Most important
17. Towel and napkin
18. Goggle, cap, scarf
19. Sweeter for winter or raincoat during rainy season
20. Umbrella
21. Camera
22. Torch
23. Sunscreen cream – If going to play in water
24. Mobile – Charge it a day before
25. Cash Money
26. Medicines
27. Identity proof
28. Garbage bags – Don’t though wastes at road or destination
29. Poly bags – Useful to keep wet clothes in rainy season
30. Small polythin – Can keep mobile, money, identity proof in rainy season
31. Remember or keep any telephone number on paper in case of mobile lost
32. Same dress code - It’s very easy to identify each other
33. Paper Soap *** or liquid soap – In most of the food place you will never get any soap

I added all the possible items. Please suggest if I am missing anything.
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