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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dunkirk Line Post Office, Pune 411014

Yesterday I got message from Post Office that I received one speed post letter, collect it from Dunkirk Line Post Office, Pune - 411014 within 2 days.

First problem was message was in worst handwriting that nobody understands what the actual address he mentioned is.

Second, anybody doesn’t know about where is Dunkirk Line Post Office.

Thanks to GOOGLE. Finally I was able to view in Google maps.

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It is inside Air Force area.

I never visited before there. I always thought it’s a restricted area.

When you visit from Vimannagar to Chandannagar, at Chandannagar 2nd square [Near to toll tax kind of stuff], take left.

This is the second gate of entrance in Air Force Zone. Go inside.

Security guards will ask you about purpose, ID card.

Make entry in their register.

If you have bike, keep helmet with you otherwise you have walk almost 1 km.
Four vehicles are not allowed inside military premises.

After making entry, go straight [till road end], take left. At last you come in front of Canteen. Park you bike in parking area.

Dunkirk Line Post Office is behind military canteen. Beside SBI ATM [Don’t confuse with ATM. Actually there are two SBI ATM. First ATM inside first entrance gate. Don't go there. Visit to second ATM.]

Always visit post office between 9-11 AM.

I don't understand why government offices are not making people life easier. Whats the use of post office inside military zone for common man?

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  1. Huhuhu. You could have asked me. I knew exactly all these details myself. Could have even joined you to there. ;)