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Thursday, February 23, 2023

OData Services in Sitecore

Today, we will be exploring one of the coolest features on the Sitecore: OData Services.

This feature allows you to expose your item data in JSON format in read-only mode. It is incredibly easy to use and configure. To do so, you need to create an OData item API at the settings, services API key section. After you have created it, you can specify its fields, for example, core, allowed control. You can also specify the database to which you want to get the item details. In a production environment, it is mostly on the web.

Once you have configured it, you can access your items by using the Sitecore domain name followed by the OData services API and the item ID or item path. You also need to pass the OData services API key. For example, if you want to access the details of a home item with ID and three fields (title, text, and address), you can use this URL and pass the API key. You will get the item properties such as the item name, path, language, template, creation date, and ID.'%7B%3Citem%20id%3E%7D')?sc_apikey=%3Capi%20key%3E

To get the field values, you need to pass the query string "$expand=field value".

Here is my YouTube video for the same

Stay tuned for more such articles, tips and tricks.

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