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Monday, August 15, 2016

In just 1 hour - Implement Organization’s Password Policies in Sitecore

Today is very special day for me for three reasons

1.    I am celebrating 70th Independence Day of India.
2.    This is my 250th blog post
3.    I got new domain name for my blog as
On this special occasion, I am going to publish my second eBook which is available FREE to download. 

This eBook is about implementing password policy in Sitecore. 

In almost all the web application developers need to implement password policies. This guide covers all possible policies and their implementation technics with code in Sitecore. This guide covers implementation of below policies

              Minimum Password Length
              Consecutive Unsuccessful Login Attempts
              Password Complexity
              Forgot Password
              Password Expiration
              Change Password

After going through this guide, one should able to implement all these policies in less than 1 hour.
I tried my best to include all the scenarios that are associated with password policies management.

You can read and freely download this developer’s guide:

Please leave your comments or share this guide if it’s useful for you.

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