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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Luke for Sitecore Lucene search

Today I learn about Luke diagnostic tool which is used for analyzing Lucene index files.

This is developed in Java. So you need JVM in m

achine. You can download it from
I installed lukeall-3.5.0.jar file      


After installation, browse you index folder path as highlighted in yellow color in below image

From this tool you can check which fields are indexing by Lucene.

You can search content items which are indexed based on particular template as shown in below image like 


Here two things to remember
1.    Enter template ID in lower letters
2.    remove dash - from template id

Simple but very useful tool.

Please leave your comments or share this tip if it’s useful for you.

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  1. select keywordanalyzer and search by guid as => _group:c53e0d739d9b49eeb783178c83b76e26