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Thursday, July 30, 2015

How to trigger mail in ExactTarget using C# code

ExactTarget is a cloud service provided by Salesforce for running email campaign for email marketing. 

Here is a code to trigger emails in ExactTarget via its web service.

Change necessary values in below code and call the method. That’s it.

static void TriggerEmail()
    SoapClient client = new SoapClient();
    client.ClientCredentials.UserName.UserName = "xyz";
    client.ClientCredentials.UserName.Password = "xyzpassword";

    //Create a new subscriber - person email id
    Subscriber newSub = new Subscriber();
    newSub.EmailAddress = "";
    newSub.SubscriberKey = "";

    //Create the subscriber attributes
    newSub.Attributes = new ExactTargetClient.Attribute[4];

    //Attribute - First Name
    newSub.Attributes[0] = new ExactTargetClient.Attribute();
    newSub.Attributes[0].Name = "First Name";
    newSub.Attributes[0].Value = "Enter your first Name Here";

    //Attribute - Last Name
    newSub.Attributes[1] = new ExactTargetClient.Attribute();
    newSub.Attributes[1].Name = "Last Name";
    newSub.Attributes[1].Value = "Enter your Last Name Here";

    //Attribute - Zip Code
    newSub.Attributes[2] = new ExactTargetClient.Attribute();
    newSub.Attributes[2].Name = "Zip Code";
    newSub.Attributes[2].Value = "110011";

    //Attribute - State
    newSub.Attributes[3] = new ExactTargetClient.Attribute();
    newSub.Attributes[3].Name = "State";
    newSub.Attributes[3].Value = "Johannesburg";

    //Create a TriggerSend that uses an existing TriggerSendDefinition
    TriggeredSend ts = new TriggeredSend();
    ts.TriggeredSendDefinition = new TriggeredSendDefinition();

    //The external key assigned to the TriggerSendDeinition at ExactTarget
    ts.TriggeredSendDefinition.CustomerKey = "101"; //Keep in config file
    ClientID clientID = new ClientID();
    clientID.ID = 1234567; //Keep in config file
    ts.Client = clientID;

    //Instantiate the CreateOptions object for the create call
    CreateOptions cOptionsTS = new CreateOptions();
    cOptionsTS.RequestType = RequestType.Asynchronous;
    cOptionsTS.RequestTypeSpecified = true;

    ts.Subscribers = new Subscriber[] { newSub };

        //Create the TriggeredSend
        string tsRequestID = "";
        string tsStatus = "";
        CreateResult[] tsResults = client.Create(cOptionsTS, new APIObject[] { ts }, out tsRequestID, out tsStatus);
        TriggeredSendCreateResult tsCreateResults = tsResults[0] as TriggeredSendCreateResult;

        Console.WriteLine("Status Code: " + tsResults[0].StatusCode);
        Console.WriteLine("Status Message: " + tsResults[0].StatusMessage);

        //Check for Error
        if (tsStatus != "OK") { throw new Exception(); }

    catch (Exception exCreate)

Please leave your comments or share this code if it’s useful for you.

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