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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sitecore website Session is expiring after 2-10 min

I was working with one Sitecore 7.5 website where session is expiring problem is occurring. This is happening in all browsers. The issue was strange as normally ASP.NET maintain session for 16 minute by default.

I was keeping some website related information in Session.

·         I have set session for more than 60 minutes in web.config file but session is expiring after 2-10 minutes. (sporadic behavior)

·         The problem is also occurring even when site is not idle. (again sporadic)
I have checked the Sitecore log files and saw some suspected messages which may be pointing to this problem

·         Overriding expired contact session lock. This typically means the previous request for the contact did not release session state properly or is taking too long to execute.
·         WARN  Overriding expired contact session lock for contact id: c855c633-7974-44a8-b436-6da08dc1743e


Disable Analytics Robot Detection by setting value false in 'Sitecore.Analytics.Tracking.config' as:
<setting name="Analytics.AutoDetectBots" value="false" />

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  1. It solved my problem

  2. Does it also releases the existing locks from the contact?

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