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Monday, June 29, 2015

Gurgaon RTO – How to get new RC for other state vehicle

I relocated from Pune to Gurgaon i.e. Maharastra to Haryana.

So I want new Haryana registration number for my bike to avoid any hurdle from Gurgaon police. This process known here as re-registration of vehicle brought to Haryana from other states.

I received my NOC from Pune. If you want to know how to get NOC from Pune RTO, please read my article from here.

You have to submit below papers in a file to Gurgaon RTO

You need 3 different local address proof of Gurgaon. I submitted Bank passbook, Rent agreement, Gas connection copy. If you r submitting Company letter then u have to attach ID card Xerox as well.

NCR [National Crime Record] report of your vehicle can be downloaded from here
Just fill submit Name, City, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Make, Registration No. like MH31AB1111, Chassis [Only last 7 digit], Engine No [last 8 digit] and take the 1 printout.

If you don’t have this NCR certificate then take print out from outside guys who are sitting beside RTO but they charge it for Rs. 20 [Why to give Rs. 20 when you can do it from your own]

First thing in Gurgaon RTO is inspection of your bike and NOC letter.

Your bike chassis no. must match with chassis no. mentioned on NOC.

When I tried to submit my NOC in Gurgaon RTO, the inspection guy rejected it as my chassis no. on NOC was not complete. Unfortunately last 3 letters are missing. Gurgaon RTO can’t do anything here. You have to get either new NOC or Pune RTO should write the missing number with RTO seal on your current NOC.

This was not possible for me to visit to Pune again just for this. So I mailed my all related bike paper with NOC to one my friend in Pune. Fortunately he corrected the number from Pune RTO and courier me the new NOC document.

Here are the sequence of steps that you need to follow in Gurgaon RTO

·         Take Form 20 and one file from first counter. He will charge Rs. 10 for it.
·         Inspection of bike - This time inspection guy approved this new NOC, bike and he signed on the paper.
·         Take stamp and sign from room no. 307
·         Submit all papers to RC counter 1.
·         From RC counter 1, you have to visit to Right corner person Vikas to verify your NOC. He provides you the verification report print out.
·         After this you have to submit the fees at fees counter. In my case it was Rs. 2410. I had not that much of amount at that time so they kept my file and told me to withdraw money from outside ATM. They are not accepting any debit, credit card. So I suggest you all guys that always keep money around 3000 Rs. with you. From fees counter I submitted money and they issue the receipt.
·         I attached the receipt to file and again submitted to RC counter. This time they issue me one useless small paper on which they mention the date of 25 days ahead and told me to visit on that date for RC. Take care of this paper as it is very important otherwise you have to face lots of problem to receive the new RC.
·         I visited after 30 days and Voilaaa I receive new RC :)

I changed my bike number with this new number and now I can move to anywhere in Haryana and Delhi NCR area without any tension.

Please leave your comments or share these tips if it’s useful for you.

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