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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trip to Pomegranate and Grape farm houses, Saswad, Pune

It was Sunday 26th January. India was celebrating its 65th Republic day.

I got a chance to become guest of Navalakhe family of Saswad. It’s almost 30 km from Pune.

I reached to around 11 AM to Saswad. Their house is typically old Maharstrian style. I was comparing them with old Marathi movies which I watched many during my childhood. Whole locality is maintaining Maharastrian traditional style. Feels Greattt.

I never heard any word in Hindi that start from N like “Ban(arrorw)”. I saw one shop near to Navalakhe family and shop name is “Nmokar”.

Mostly this word indicates about Jain culture. Updating my knowledge.

Navakhake family is much respected in their area and all family members are very down to earth. Their primarily business is farming. They are using all modern and computerize technique for farming.
I realized that they have Original Indian Rose at home which smells extremely good. Also I tested their farm house Raisin (Dried Grapes). I never saw this big size of Raisin before it. 

I was lucky that I got a chance to visit to their Farm House.

After 30 min rest at their Vada(House), I moved to their Pomegranate and Grape farm houses which is around 4 km

They have 4 Farm houses and this was smallest one. But for me this was even bigger than my imagination. 

We move around to their Pomegranate and Grape farm houses. During this Navalakhe family Head Mr. Ravindra, BSc in Agriculture, was with us and giving us detail information about their farming modern techniques and how they are maintaining the export quality of fruits. He is financially sound so not afraid in apply computerized techniques for farming. 

Here I first time tested Maharastrian Dish “Hurda” as a starter which was made from Jwari with couple of Chatni. Healthy and delicious. Always keep in mind that never drinks water after taking Hurda.

After that it was lunch time. Totally Maharastrian thali waiting for me which include Jwari –Bajara Roti, Baigan Bharta, Pithal, Thecha, Tak, Jalebi, Barfi, Papad, Mutter, Pulav, Bhajiye. What else you need after this. Everything was mouth watering.

I take a walk to their water storage after finishing delicious lunch. First was 10,000 liter and another was 5,00,000 liter storage capacity and collecting water from nearest river.

Then we have small meet up and we play some games.

In evening we have Misal and tea in snacks. Though I was not feeling hungry but I tested Misal as it was famous in that area.

Around 6 PM, I left Saswad and upto 7 PM I reached to Home. 

This was great day in my life where I come to know more about Maharastrian culture.

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  1. Hi!
    I would like to go to this farm for Hurda with my family. Could I know the contact number of Mr. Navalakhe? Do they have outside people over for Hurda at their farm? Pl let me know was then I could get in touch with them. Your description sounds interesting enough - to go to the place.