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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trek to Doke's Nose, Lonavla

We started early morning of 19 Jan 2014. I wake up at 4:45 AM.
I reached and parked my bike at Shivaji Nagar Railway Station Pune at 6 AM.

I met to other guys of trekking at station. We got our train tickets. It’s Rs. 15 from Pune to Lonavala. We boarded in Train around 6:35. At ShivajiNagar Railway Station train Holt time is only 10-15 sec. We reached to Lonavala around 8:00 AM.

From station we reached to Annapurna Hotel near Bus stand in 10 min. It’s only a walking distance. We finished our breakfast there.

 From Annapurna we reached to Mahavir Square and hired Autos up to Khandala. Its 80 Rs. per Auto. 

From Khandala point we started our trekking around 9:30 AM.
During trekking you will get lots of good scene, greenary everywhere. I tried to capture every beautiful moments.

We reached to Doke Nose point around 12:30 PM. So it was almost 3 hours of trekking.

I experience joy to reach at pinnacle. We clicked snaps, ate snacks.
We started to come back from Doke Nose point. This time we choose another way which was easy and we come down only in 1 hour and reached to Kurwande Village. From there we hired 1 tempo to reach to Railway station. From there we reached to again Annapurna Hotel for our delicious lunch. 

It was 3:50PM and our train was at 5:15 PM. So we watched one local cricket match between Raigad and Lohgad sponsored by Mahindra.

Around 5 PM match was over and Lohgad won it.

From 5:15 PM we again started from Lonavala to Shivaji Nagar. Around 7 PM, I was at Shivajinagar railway station. Pick my bike from Parking area. Parking guys charging 8 Rs. for 4 Hous. So I paid Rs. 40 to them and reached to Home.

With this trekking I met with people from different parts of India  - Hariyana , Maharstra, Bengal, Nagpur, Gujrat. Some of them became friends now. Got new exprerience of terkking and Lonavala. I will try to cover rest of the points in Lonavala in near future.

This is very good time to visit such a place as Summer is yet to start and so one can have a beautiful view while walking from the mountains. 

During trekking always keep 2 water bottles with comfortable dress, cap and sports shoes. Always avoid sandals, chappls etc.
Sharing beautiful moments with you guys. Enjoy snaps.

Happy Trekking!!!

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