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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to visit any particular line of code in Visual Studio

If there are lots of lines of code in a single code file and your colleagues told you to look piece of code at particular line number or any error occurred at specific line number.

How do you visit to that line of code?

By just scrolling ... that’s history

Solution :->

Some couple of handy ways to visit to particular line number in Visual studio
·         You can display line number at left side of code editor from Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> All Languages -> Enabled Line numbers option. It should display line numbers in code editor as shown below

·         Visual Studio always display line number , column number and character position of cursor in status bar of visual studio as shown in above image

·         You also have facility to directly visit to any line number from Edit -> Go To... or press Ctrl + G as shown below

·         Use bookmarks to directly visit any particular line numbers

·         Use scroll bar to visit to particular line

·         Use keyboard Page Up or Page Down button

·         Use UP or DOWN arrow keys to navigate

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