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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Sitecore Transfer : Your Last Minute Content Publish Option

Today, we will be discussing a hidden feature of the Sitecore that some of you may already know about but never use. We are all familiar with the "Publish" option in site work, which is used to make changes to the content live on a particular environment.

There are three types of publishing you can do - Incremental, SMART, and Republish.

Let's consider a scenario where you are working on a global website with content authors from all around the world. If one content author starts a publish in one country and another author submits a publish request from another country, the requests will be added to a queue. The second author's changes will only be published once the first author's changes have been completed.

However, if your client asks you to publish a specific item right away, it can become a tricky situation because the item will be added to the queue. In such a scenario, you can use the hidden feature of the Sitecore called "Transfer".

To demonstrate this feature, we will publish an entire website, open it in another window, and publish it again. The request will be added to the queue. In a third window, we will make changes to a item, say "Thank You".

To use the transfer feature, we will go to the "Publish" site and select "Republish". In the next step, we will make changes to the "Thank You" item and save it. Normally, when we publish the changes, they would be added to the queue. But with the transfer feature, we can copy the "Thank You" item and select "Transfer".

We will then move the item to the "Article” Folder, and the changes will be updated on the web database without going into the queue. The full publishing that we did earlier will still be in process, but our changes are already visible on the website.

This is a useful trick to know, although it's rarely used.

Here is my YouTube video for the same

Stay tuned for more such articles, tips and tricks.