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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sitecore with CSharp REPL

If you're a C# developer, you'll want to check out this exciting new tool: C# REPL! This cross-platform command line tool is designed for rapid experimentation and exploration of C# code. With C# REPL, you can easily test out snippets of code, try out different syntaxes, and even experiment with new packages.

One of the great things about C# REPL is that it supports intellisense, making it easy to quickly find the methods and properties you need. You can also install NuGet packages directly from the command line, so you can easily add new functionality to your code without having to switch to a different tool.

C# REPL is a .NET 7 global tool, which means it can be easily installed on any machine running Windows 10, Mac OS, or Linux. And because it's a command line tool, it's lightweight and easy to use - perfect for developers who want to streamline their workflow and focus on writing great code.

With its support for referencing local .NET projects and assemblies, C# REPL can be a valuable tool for exploring and experimenting with Sitecore-specific code and functionality.

Here I am showing a demo on how you can use it Sitecore libraries to test it.

Check out this video for the same

Whether you're a seasoned C# developer or just starting out, C# REPL is a must-have tool for your toolkit. Give it a try today and see how it can help you work more efficiently and experiment more quickly!