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Thursday, May 25, 2023

ChatGPT with Sitecore

Today, we are going to take a look at something really cool - Chat GPT. In recent weeks, this technology has been a hot topic of discussion. Chat GPT is a dialog-based artificial intelligence chatbot that can answer your questions in a conversational manner. It's developed by OpenAI, a well-known research lab. The best thing about Chat GPT is that it is stateful, meaning it can remember previous questions and respond accordingly within the same context. You can find more information about Chat GPT on the OpenAI website.

As a developer, one use case for Chat GPT is to migrate CSV or Excel data to Sitecore. For example, if a client asks for assistance in migrating data, a developer can use Chat GPT to determine the best approach for accomplishing this task. The first step is to find out the different ways to migrate data and choose the best option. Once the data is migrated, the developer can assign icons, create packages in Sitecore, and publish the items.

The Chat GPT home page provides lots of information about the technology and can be used to help with a developer task such as migrating Excel file data to Sitecore. By asking Chat GPT for help, the chatbot can provide information on different methods, such as using a custom script or a C# code. Chat GPT can even provide the necessary code to complete the task, such as a C# script or a PowerShell script. The developer can then copy and paste the code into their application and test it.

Here is my YouTube video for the same


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