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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Course : Basic PowerShell Commands

Today I completed one more course "Basic PowerShell Commands" from Udemy guided by Shakil khan.

Basic PowerShell Commands certificate
Basic PowerShell Commands certificate

I really enjoyed this course as PowerShell is very useful to write script and remind me my college days when I tried to write code in DOS Batch files and Linux Shell scripts.

It will also help me to get more use-to with Sitecore PowerShell module.

Here I learned below topics

  • Introduction 
  • Start-Transcript and PowerShell Version 
  • Execution Policy 
  • How to get and set Alias and how to use pushd and popd 
  • get-childitem and formatting the output of command 
  • get-command and how to navigate help, measure-object and count 
  • File Handling like New-Item, Get-Content,remove-Item, rename-Item, Move-Item 
  • Sorting the object and grouping 
  • Selecting an object and iterating using foreach-object 
  • Filtering using where-object and some more examples of group-object 
  • get-process and how to stop a process or kill it 
  • Important PowerShell commands like Stop Process, convert data to HTML or CSV 
  • String Handling in PowerShell 
  • Navigating Help In PowerShell to look for event Logs 
  • Environment Variable 
  • Persistent Environment Variable in Registry

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