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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Another way to render WFFM Form

WFFM is a nice module to capture details from visitors. But when developers try to render WFFM forms in web page, then she has to face CSS and JS conflict with webpage. However this is good for testers and QA team as they will able to find lots of cosmetic issues ;)

Most of the time, WFFM’s CSS and JS stop or change the UI and functionality of the web page.
However there is an alternative way to render WFFM form – Iframe.

Follow below steps use it
* Create WFFM form
* Create item having separate page layout and MVC rendering for WFFM form only.
* Create one parameter rendering IFrame with three field - IFrame Url, Width and Height as shown below

WFFM form via IFRAME
WFFM form via IFRAME

Specify relative path of above item page rendering path in IFrame URL field

Specify below line in Iframe.cshtml as 

<iframe src="@Model.Url" width="@Model.Width" height="@Model.Height" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0" align="left" name=""></iframe>

When you render web page, your WFFM form will be rendered in IFRAME and all WFFM form CSS and JS are also load into IFRAME. In this way we separated CSS and JS of web page with WFFM form CSS and JS. So they will never conflict.

However there are two issues that I encountered with this approach

* If your website is running on HTTPS and you have entered the WFFM item path as HTTP then you will face issue. To fix it, instead of using full URL, you must use relative path.

* How to handle multi lingual WFFM forms? Let’s suppose your page is in French and now if you try to render your WFFM form with relative path then it try to render by default in English language. To fix it specify your relative path with language query string as "/wffm-forms/contact-form?sc_lang=fr-fr"

That’s it. 

I hope you will try this alternative approach. Stay tuned for more Sitecore related articles.

Till that happy Sitecoring :)

Please leave your comments or share this trick if it’s useful for you.

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