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Sunday, June 18, 2017

How to replace Brightcove Adobe Flash player with HTML5 player in Sitecore

Use HTL5 player of Brightcove in Sitecore
Use HTL5 player of Brightcove in Sitecore

One of our site is using Brightcove Adobe Flash player which we have to replace with new Brightcove player which support HTML5. 
Follow below steps to configure Brightcove Video Cloud running as an HTML5 player

  • Step 1: Please navigate to section "Brightcove.StorageService" and change the "baseUrl" param value with your website URL and also set the "ContentDatabaseName" and "PublishDatabaseName" param values from Sitecore.MediaFramework.Services.Brightcove.Extended.config.disabled config file.
  • Step 2: Enable the config file named as "Sitecore.MediaFramework.Services.Brightcove.Extended.config.disabled".
  • Step 3: We need to add mimetype "text/vtt" with extension (.vtt) in IIS.
  • Add new player at “/sitecore/media library/Media Framework/Accounts/Default/Players” with unique player id.
  • Update “Default Video Player” field and “Default Playlist Player” to new player at “/sitecore/media library/Media Framework/Accounts/Default/Settings
  • Include “<script src="//<licence id>/<Player_Id>_default/index.min.js"></script>” on all pages where you want to show Brightcove videos.
  • Publish all the Brightcove items
  • Test the page on which Brightcove videos are rendering.
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  1. We are still on media framework 1.4, will it support HTML5 Player?

    1. Hi Amitabh,
      Sorry, I didn't reply as I didn't receive any alerts of comments.
      Here is response for your query -
      Flash has been phased out of many browsers and platforms over the last several years. Brightcove has prepared a number of tools, guides and services to help make your transition from the legacy (Flash-based) player to new (HTML-based) player as easy as possible.

  2. Documentation for the Brightcove Sitecore package can be found at

  3. No Problem Alex, we found the solution of our problem and implemented. Thank you for your inputs.