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Friday, May 12, 2017

How to apply custom CSS to particular WFFM form in Sitecore

WFFM forms is one the most useful module in Sitecore. By default Sitecore render WFFM form in vertical position. But what if you want to change its default CSS and make the form rendering customized.

WFFM form uses "Website\Views\Form\Index.cshtml" view for rendering the form. In this rendering "bootstrap.min.css" is one the CSS file for changing form look and feel.

Default CSS of WFFM form
Default CSS of WFFM form

But what if you want to apply some other CSS instead of this? One way is that change this CSS file with our custom file but the new CSS file reflect changes on all the WFFM forms.

How to change this CSS for any particular form only?

For this I just change the below line in "Website\Views\Form\Index.cshtml" view as

@using Sitecore.Forms.Mvc
@using Sitecore.Forms.Mvc.Html
@model Sitecore.Forms.Mvc.ViewModels.FormViewModel

    ViewContext.ViewData.TemplateInfo.HtmlFieldPrefix = Model.ClientId;

    var main = string.Format("{0}main.js", Constants.ScriptsBaseUrl);
    var requirejs = string.Format("{0}require-2.1.15.js", Constants.ScriptsBaseUrl);
    var bootstrap = @Model.Item.ID.ToString().Equals("{B822847C-035B-48C9-BBDC-1DE3B96115E4}") ? "mybootstarp.css" : string.Format("{0}content/bootstrap.min.css", Constants.ScriptsBaseUrl);
As you can notice in yellow highlighted code part that I am comparing Model Item Id with my Sitecore form item id. If it matches, then I will render my CSS “mybootstarp.css” otherwise for rest of the forms default CSS "bootstrap.min.css" will used.

Custom CSS for particular WFFM form
Custom CSS for particular WFFM form

Remember that “index.cshtml” is just a view, so we can write any custom logic in this view. 

I hope you like this Sitecore article. Stay tuned for more Sitecore related articles.

Till that happy Sitecoring :)

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