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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Solved : Unable to see any items in Sitecore workbox

I was working on Sitecore workflow task. Certainly one of the newly client-side reviewer started complaining that he is unable to see items in his workbox?

I started investigation on this but unable to find any clue that why items are not visible to that particular reviewer?

For the time being I provided him admin rights and try to login from his account. Now he is able to view items in workflow approval section.

But reviewer can’t become admin. So where was the actual problem?

If you are unable to see any item in workbox, but at the same time admin can view the items in workbox it means you don’t have permissions on items.

Assign read/write permissions from Access Viewer -> Assign Security Rights to that user/reviewer on all required items.


If any user can’t take any action on content tree items then Sitecore not shows any of those items in workbox as well.

Hope this pointer will help somebody who is in similar situation.

Please leave your comments or share this trick if it’s useful for you.

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