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Saturday, March 7, 2015

You should purchase the right of using the "UseLocalMTA" setting first

If you are receiving Sitecore ECM (E-mail Campaign Manager ) error message You should purchase the right of using the "UseLocalMTA" setting first , the here is a way to understand its meaning with suggested trick to fix it.

ECM offers two MTA mode – Sitecore MTA and custom MTA.

I suppose Sitecore MTA is using Sitecore App center which is based on pricing model.

But in development and testing environment, we only need Custom MTA which is free and you can test in your local environment.

You can configure ECM to use your local mail server by changing a setting in ECM's config file "Sitecore.EmailCampaign.config". 

<setting name="UseLocalMTA" value="true" />

If your license file does not have the "Sitecore.AnyMTA" permission, the value of the "UseLocalMTA" setting will be considered as “False” even though you set it to “True”.

You can check the license file for “Sitecore.AnyMTA” key by explicitly opening the license.XML file Internet Explorer browser. As an alternative, you can log in to Sitecore Content Editor, click the Sitecore button on the top left corner, and select Licenses option.

If "Sitecore.AnyMTA" key is not present in your license - I suggest you contact your Sitecore sales representative to get the one that includes the required key.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Do you know if the Sitecore.AnyMTA comes with the developer license?