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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to store WFFM data in SQL Server instead of SQLite database in Sitecore

When you install WFFM package, by default it store data in SQLite database.

Disadvantage with SQLite is that it creates the database on disk and it’s not centralized.
However Sitecore provides a way to store WFFM data in SQL server.

Here are the steps to do it.

·         Restore database in SQL server from “Website\Data\Sitecore_WebForms.bak
·         Change “Sitecore.forms.config” file in “Website\App_Config\Include” where comment SQLLite section and uncomment MS SQL section and put the new connection string for restored database as shown below

    <!-- DLINQ compatible data storage -->
    <!-- MS SQL -->
    <formsDataProvider type="Sitecore.Forms.Data.DataProviders.WFMDataProvider,Sitecore.Forms.Core">
      <param desc="connection string">user id=abc;password=xyz;Data Source=your DS;Database=dbname</param>

    <!-- Oracle -->
    <formsDataProvider type="Sitecore.Forms.Data.DataProviders.Oracle.OracleWFMDataProvider,Sitecore.Forms.Oracle">
      <param desc="connection string">user id=(user);password=(password);Data Source=(database)</param>

    <!-- SQLite -->
    <formsDataProvider type="Sitecore.Forms.Data.DataProviders.SQLite.SQLiteWFMDataProvider,Sitecore.Forms.Core">
      <param desc="connection string">Data Source=/data/sitecore_webforms.db;version=3;BinaryGUID=true</param>

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