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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to directly insert new content item from a specific template in Sitecore

Everything in Sitecore is item. Most important is content items.

There are scenarios when we want to force content editor to insert new content item from a specific template. For example, we want to insert only Country specific pages under World content item as shown below

·         Home
o    World
§  India
§  US
§  China
§  Egypt

How to do it in Sitecore?

For this create two template in Sitecore – for example World and Country with their standard values as shown below

There are no fields in World template. However you can keep any fields if you need.

Select Standard Values of World template -> Select Configure Menu -> Click on Assign under Insert Options section -> from Insert Option window assign Country template -> Ok

Now insert World content item under Home. Under this World item we have option to insert directly country specific items as shown below

Insert some more Country items under World items. So finally we come up with hierarchical structure as shown below

Please leave your comments or share this tip if it’s useful for you.

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