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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to remove Visual Studio TFS credentials for automatic logon

If you are login to TFS first time from Visual Studio then Visual studio ask user credentials for TFS.
Visual studio saved these credentials for future use.

So next time whenever you open any Visual Studio project related with this TFS, Visual Studio uses this stored credential and allow you to access projects and files.

This is great feature but problem is when another user opens the same project on same machine for same TFS. This time new user not get any authentication screen and directly logged in to TFS by using last successfully logged user credentials.

But what if new user want to login by his credentials?


Answer is to change credentials from Start -> Control Panel -> Credential Manager.

Credential Manager stores credentials for automatic logon in vaults so you can easily log on to computers or websites.

Credential Manager displays all stored credentials on this machine.

Just find and click IP address or link name, now either you can edit or remove credentials from vault.
Now next time if you open the TFS, Visual studio should use new credentials or ask for new credentials

This is technique works for other applications also which are asking for user credentials.

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