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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to migrate or upgrade VB project to VB.NET Project

Before .NET, VB was primary language for application development on Windows platform.

Several applications are still running in VB worldwide. End users are habitual with these VB application and don’t want to stop these.

But there are need to change those VB applications to .NET.

However end user / client can’t wait, invest to rewrite all these VB applications to .NET.

So what’s the middle and safe way?

Migration or Upgradation is the only answer. It saves time, money and efforts of both clients as well as developers.

How to migrate or upgrade VB code to VB.NET?

It’s a 5 steps process.

Open VB project file [extension is .VBP] in Visual Studio from either File -> Open -> Project / Solution… or Press Ctrl + Shift + O or click on Open: Project… link on Start Page as below


1.   First screen is welcome screen. Just click on Next > button as below


2.   This screen asks which type of project you want. Here you have two option – either select .EXE or DLL as per your VB project


3.   Specify location of new migrated project


4.   At this point, all required information is available to Visual Studio for migration. Click on Next > button as below

5.   Last wizard shows you progress of migration.

Build the migrated project.

After migration, visual studio creates Upgrade report with name “_UpgradeReport.htm” in project itself. This is very useful report. One should have to check it as it includes all passed and failed coding area which finally helps to fix migrated errors.

Please leave your comments or share this tip if it’s useful for you.

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