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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Presentation Rendering Reporter: New module on Sitecore Marketplace

I was checking my daily mail and received mail from Sitecore Marketplace Team that my new module is approved and published at Marketplace.

This is my third module on Sitecore marketplace where I spend almost 14 hours on this new module which I named as “Presentation Rendering Reporter”.

This module is used for analysis, comparing and reporting purpose for getting item’s presentation rendering details.

It allows you to enter GUID of an item and give option of displaying its children rendering details. You can limit the number of children to be displayed on screen as

UI Option in Presentation Rendering Reporter
UI Option in Presentation Rendering Reporter

It will display items rendering details in two column
1.    Shared Layout details

2.    Item’s final layout presentation rendering details in all languages in all versions in single cell. This is a very smart way to present details in combination of horizontal and vertical tabs. Just select any language tab, a related version tab and you will get its rendering details which include

* Rendering Name
* Placeholder
* Datasource path
* Item Path at bottom

Single view of rendering details is the unique feature of this module.

Shared and Final Rendering details
Shared and Final Rendering details

You can download this module from Sitecore Marketplace at

Installed this Sitecore module and access it as http://<sitecoreinstancename>/PresentationRenderingReporter.aspx

I have uploaded its code at Github, which you are free to modify at,

I hope you like this Sitecore module. Stay tuned for more Sitecore related details.

Till that happy Sitecoring :)
Please leave your comments or share this module if it’s useful for you. Waiting for your feedback.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sitecore Template Report Generator Module at Sitecore MarketPlace

Developers don’t like documentation specially when they have to do itJ, but documentation is equally important for project and organization.

It’s always great if there are tools for generating documents.

I created one such tool which is available on Sitecore MarketPlace and its my first Sitecore tool.

The Sitecore Template Reporting Tool allows you to generate documentation of the templates in the HTML form.

Without this tools a developer require around 10-20 hours to generate such a report depending upon number of templates. However by using this tool one can generate better reports within a minute which ultimately save your time and impress your manager/client with the report.

Steps to generate the report

·         Download and install Sitecore package
·         Package install web page and DLL in bin directory
·         Access your Sitecore instance or website by http://<Instance Name>/TemplateReportGenerator.aspx
·         All template folders are listed in Dropdown list

·         Select one of the template folder for which report need to be generated
·         Click on "Generate Report" button
·         Your report is ready.

This tool generates report in tabular format.
Each template details are displayed in alternate color.
Each template details display as section wise which include below details
·         Template ID
·         Template Created Date time
·         Template Last modified Date time
·         Field names
·         Field Title
·         Field Description
·         Field Type
·         Is Shared Field
·         Is Unversioned

You can also change report aspx file as per your need however I tried my best to include all the details.

In future I have plans to create more such helpful tools. 

Let me know for any query / suggestion / improvements.